AZE offers a complete line of fiber optic patch panels and termination kits. 12 fiber 24 core, 48 fiber, 72 fiber and 144 fiber configurations.  Standard 1U, 2U, 3U and 4U Fiber Optic Patch Panels and Optical Distribution Frames (ODF).

Fiber Patch Cable
Fiber Patch Cable
Fiber Optic Panels
Fiber Optic Panels

AZE provides Fiber Optic Patch Panels and Pre-Loaded Patch Panel Kits design version.

Fiber optic patch panel is an integrated unit for fiber management which allows for different types of fiber optic cable to be spliced together and routed to different points in a building. A fiber patch panel not only enables electricians and network engineers to connect and manipulate cables, it also offers a safe working environment for upgrades, retrofits and more.

We supply a wide portfolio of fiber panels listed as below:

  • Fixed Patch Panels
  • Slide Out Patch Panels
  • Swing Out Patch Panels
  • LGX Rack Mount Patch Panels
  • Wall Mount Enclosures

Pre-Loaded Patch Panel Kits

Pre-Loaded 1RU Patch Panels and 2RU Patch Panels. 1U Patch Panels and 2U Patch Panels loaded with adapters with pigtails and splice sleeves.

Loaded 1U Patch Panel Kits with pigtails from 6 ports to 36 ports in all connector types LC, LC APC, SC, SC APC, FC, FC APC, and ST and up to 72 ports with LC or LC APC. 2U Patch Panel Kits with pigtails from 6 ports to 72 ports in all connector types LC, LC APC, SC, SC APC, FC, FC APC, and ST and up to 144 ports with LC or LC APC. Available in Single Mode 9/125µm, Multimode 62.5/12µm, and Multimode 50/125µm OM3.

All kits include 1RU Fiber Patch Panel (or 2RU Fiber Patch Panel) loaded with adapter plates for connectors of your choice and splice trays to fit your fiber count needs, as well as fiber optic pigtails. All unused slots on the patch panel are loaded with blanks to protect the inside of the panel.

Fiber Optic Adapter Panels

Fiber optic adapter panel is a panel used for patching fiber cable to the termination enclosure, such as wall mount cabinet, rack mount cabinets or rack mount fiber optic patch panels. Due to its convenient design, it can easily and quickly snap into the front of fiber optic patch panels or enclosures. It is a great option for easy network deployment or moves, adds and changes.

It’s mostly suitable for installing in rack and wall mount enclosures and fiber optic patch panels. In addition, it leaves some further application spaces for the customer. For example, multimedia modular panels allow customization for installation requiring integration of fiber optic and copper cables. Blank fiber adapter panels reserve panel space for future use.

AZE provides lots of adapter panels with customizable options available to fit whatever application you require.

  • 1U 19” Adapter Panel
  • LGX Adapter Panel
  • MTP/MPO Adapter Panels

Contact us about availability of custom configurations with mixed connector types for all your patch panel needs.