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AZE designs and delivery high quality server racks and cabinets for over 10 years. Whether you need a server rack at home,office or hunreds units for your data center room, you can find the right server cabinets from us. Our open and enclosed server racks or server cabinets will provide for a variety of secured environments including data centers, server rooms, network closets, offices, industrial, and specialty applications.

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48U Server Rack Cabinet 800mm Wide x 1200mm Deep with Side Panels

Wide enclosure with cable management options for high density server and networking applications


48U Server Rack Enclosure 600mm x 1200mm w/ Sides Black

Standard rack enclosure for low to medium density server and networking applications.


42U Server Rack Enclosure 600mm x 1070mm w/ Sides Black

Standard rack enclosure for low to medium density server and networking applications.


48U Server Rack Enclosure 600mm x 1070mm w/ Sides Black

Standard rack enclosure for low to medium density server and networking applications.


AZE offers a variety of server racks or server cabinets that can fit your data center needs. When choosing a rack or cabinet enclosure, one important factor to consider is knowing your server racks cooling strategy. The type of rack you choose will depend on the cooling methods used in your environment.This range of racks and enclosures have sizes from 2U to 58U,floor standing or wall mount type,open frame or closed racks cabinets:

Server racks can be customized to fit desired needs and specifications. Companies which require unique width, height, or depth dimensions or specialized applications like water or dust proofing or shock resistance can work closely with the provider to design a custom server rack solution.

Server racks can be complemented with different accessories,which is optional for your IT needs:

  • Cable Management
  • Airflow Management
  • Shelves and Supporting Brackets
  • Anchoring
  • Single Perforated Doors or Double Splited Doors
  • Lockable Side Panels
  • 19 inch Server Rails
  • PDU-Cable Management Brackets
  • Top Roof Panels

Server racks cabinets can be classified as open frame or locked. Open server racks have more space and flexibility and allow cable accessibility usually from the top. Since they are not locked, they are often found inside secure server rooms.Usually more expensive, closed server racks can be locked. It is a better option if the server rack will be placed outside a secure server room or in a nonsecure location.

AZE,as the leading server racks and enclosures manufacturer,have the skilled engineering team,in-housing metal server racks and enclosures products fabrication capacity and a wide range of excellence designed 19 inch server enclosures and server rack accessories,which keeping us working with globe customers and support them to servicing their clients.In order to fabricate a quality server racks and enclosures, AZE pays high attention to each process from initial design, to first article, to full production and beyond. 

  •  Engineering Desgin

Our indoor racks and enclosures engineering team had rich experiences on server racks and enclosures, metal networking cabinets,wall mount enclosures, open frame racks and more, can provide OEM or ODM services support - new product development (NPD), prototyping and design approval, they engaged in every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure your design is ready for the realities of a production environment, and most importantly, to eliminate any surprises during production that could affect quality, cost or lead time.  

  • In-house Fabrication: Sheet Metal Forming, Punching or Stamping

For the metal racks and enclosures products, sheet metal forming ,sheet metal punching and metal stamping are three essential process and need to understand them deeply,which can make production cost low but high efficiency. Our facility equiped with up-to-date CNC punch machines,laser cutting machines or shearing machines, we understand of how different metals need to be formed into different shapes, and tolerances.

For the sample or small order metal racks and enclosures, CNC punching or laser cutting will be best option for material cutting.However, for high-volume production order,metal stamping will be considered because of high effiency and stable quality.

  • Metal Joining and Welding

 Using the proper sheet metal joining solutions are critical to properly sealing cabinets and enclosures and joining sheet metal components. Sheet metal joining options include rivets, screws and pins. While some are necessary, too much hardware or varying hardware inserts can threaten quality, lead time and product reliability. If they need support heavy equipments or need more strengths,racks and enclosures need welding, this is a skilled technique job, so all the welding workers need to be qualified. Our facility are fully equipped with the latest in automated welding technology and provide TIG welding, MIG welding and fixed/flexible robotic welding. 

  • Metal Finishing Solution

For the metal cabinets, racks and enclosures, finishing (mainly refer to powder coating) quality represent your brand appearance, so understanding how to finish these products help ensure they last is very important for this process. We specialize in both hot and cold rolled metal solutions. 

Server racks and enclosures, 19 inch server cabinets, colocation server cabinets house and organize critical IT systems - servers,routers,switches,hubs,UPS,KVM,PDU and other devices,make it possible to securely stored multiple pieces of equipment in one area,which can be configured to support a wide range of requirements. Server racks and enclosures are most commonly found in small computer closets,offices,remote locations, network closets and other edge of the network applications,colocation data centers, data center environments.

In order to help you to make the right decision to buy server cabinet and enclosures, we summarize important information for you here:

1. What is the rack?

The Rack are frame structures designed for mounting standard 19" rack-mount equipment-servers,rounters,UPS systems,switches,audio/Video-regardless od vendor.They provide rackequipment organization,security and cable management while enabling airflow.There are two basic types:enclosed rack enclosured(also called rack cabinets) and open frame racks.

2. Which type of server rack or server cabinet do you supply?

AZE provides the enclosed server rack frame or open frame rack cabinets, depends on where to used and the bargin cost of customers.Server Racks that are protected from all four sides are called “enclosed frames.” Both 4 Post and 2 Post racks have open frame options. This means that all sides of the rack are open to the environment around them. Open frame racks are less expensive than enclosed frame racks, but sacrifice security.

3. How much rack size (rack width, rack depth and U space) do I need?

AZE supplies a wide range of server rack and enclosures, there are:

Server Rack Enclosures - 24 inch or 32 inch width, 42 inch or 48 inch depth, 42U,45U,48U,52U,etc.

2 Post Open Frame Racks or 4 Post Open Frame Racks - 12U,25U,45U,etc

Wallmount enclosures and cabinets - 6U,9U,10U,12U,15U,18U,etc, it has fixed section or swing-out hinged types.

4. Can you make a custom rack?

As the leading server cabinet and server enclosures manufacturer, we can provide custom design products for customers.Our server racks or server cabinets are compatible with all leading OEM servers and equipment, such as Dell, HP and IBM. 2 Post or 4 Post Open frame racks allow for more airflow and space while enclosed racks enhance security.

With today's competitive market, IT managers’ best option for server racks and enclosures is not evaluated just from price point. The upfront cost should be considered with the other essential qualities such as reliability, scalability and support.