Remote real-time monitoring connected loads, keep Your IT safely

Metered rack Power Distribution Units (PDUs) provide real-time remote monitoring of connected loads,deliver reliable power to electronic equipment, servers, and network/telecom devices

Basic Rack PDU
Metered Rack PDU
Outlet Metered & Switched PDU

If you’re looking for reliable power distribution for all the devices located in your equipment cabinet, AZE’s metered rack PDUs might be the perfect, affordable solution. Our metered rack PDUs are available in single-phase 110-120V or 208-240V or 3-Phase power distribution with 20A, 30A, 50A, or 60A options. our metered rack PDUs feature local input current monitoring, which allows you to verify the aggregated load on the outlet’s circuit or phase.

Metered Input rack PDUs provide real-time remote monitoring of connected loads. User-defined alarms warn of potential circuit overloads before critical IT failures occur,which can give you remote monitoring capabilities and provide access to your power data whenever you want it, wherever you are,each Metered PDU has a digital LCD meter for real-time load monitoring.

  • 0U vertically installation or 1U horizontal mounting option
  • Aluminum or metal housing
  • Digital LCD meter 
  • Tool-less mounting buttons
  •  local LED display provides real-time power data for instant feedback when deploying or moving critical IT equipment.
  • Available in vertical and horizontal rackmount form factors.
  • Flexibility to meet a broad range of requirements, with a variety of electrical and receptacle configurations available.
  • Simple and quick installation in all standard racks or cabinets with included mounting brackets.
  • Simple and convenient configuration options for cord lengths and chassis colors.

Metered PDUs are a great option if you require local power metering at the PDU level,it features multiple outlets, allowing you to distribute power to a wide variety of computers and other network equipment within a rack.

  • Why do you need a metered rack PDU?

Metered Rack PDUs provide power utilization data to allow Data Center Managers to make informed decisions on load balancing and right sizing IT environments to lower total cost of ownership.

  • What is a metered PDU?

A Metered PDU distributes network-grade power and meters load in amps to prevent overloads and help users optimize load levels. A Switched Metered-by-Outlet PDU combines network-grade power distribution with local and remote outlet-level monitoring and control.

Basic rack PDUs are little more than outlet strips. They deliver electrical power to IT devices and that is about all they do.In addition to delivering electrical power, metered rack PDUs provide information about the power that is being consumed. It may be as simple as the voltage and the power being consumed by the PDU in total or it may provide much more power information and breakdown that information by each individual outlet. There is a wide range of PDUs that could fall under the description of a metered PDU.

Some power information that could be provided includes the following:

  • Current (A)
  • Voltage (V)
  • Actual power (kW)
  • Apparent power (kVA)
  • Kilowatt-hour (kWh)
  • Power factor
  • PDU circuit breaker current and status
  • Line current (for three-phase PDUs)

Metered Rack Power Distribution Unit (PDU) distributes power to devices in the rack. It has a sensor that measures the current that it and its attached devices use. It can be monitored through Web, Telnet, SNMP, SSH,etc

  • What is the difference between a PDU and a UPS?

PDUs evenly distribute the amperage among the outlets, while the UPS will filter the power and provide surge protection. PDUs use and distribute the available amperage more efficiently, allowing your equipment to receive the best available power to maintain operation.

  • Can I connect PDU to UPS?

Generally, the PDU goes into the UPS, not the other way around. That way, all the equipment that is connected to the PDU benefits from being backed up by the UPS. The UPS itself will clean the power. The PDU goes on the OUTPUT of the UPS.

  • Where should I put my PDU rack?

To install the Basic Rack PDU, Metered Rack PDU or Switched Rack PDU using the toolless mounting method, install it in the rear of the Server Rack Enclosure, in the cable channel directly behind the rear vertical- mounting rails. To install the Rack PDU using the mounting brackets, install it on a vertical- mounting rail in the rack or enclosure.

This metered rack PDU are suited for Banking, Financial and Insurance Broadcast and Entertainment, Chemical/Petrochemical (excl. Oil & Gas) ,Construction and Engineering, Data Center/Colocation/Hosting,Education, Government,Retail and Wholesale areas.

AZE can also provide OEM or ODM support for your power need.