Outdoor Telecom Enclosure with HVAC, Secure Your IT OUTDOOR in harsh Environment

Outdoor telecom enclosure with air conditioner is designed to house a variety of telecommunication equipment with 19" or 23" racking rails, they can provide protection from vandalism, dust, rain, snow and dripping water. With climate controlled parts such as (cabinet air conditioner,heat exchanger or TEC) ,it can keep a stable temperature inside cabinet so as to increase equipment's life and stability.

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AZE's outdoor telecom enclosures with air conditioner are ideal for applications where your expensive and sensitive network equipment is exposed environmental factors such as dust and water.The outdoor server rack also has emergency fans with a dust-proof cover located at the top of the cabinet for greater airflow/cooling in case of air conditioner failed. All fixtures are internal to the cabinet to provide a secure solution.

Custom Your Outdoor Electrical Telecom Enclosure with AZE, our weatherproof solution for your electronics system have features:

  • Custom IP55 or other IP rating Enclosure
  • IP55/IP65 Certification from 3rd party testing lab.
  • Cold Rolled steel, 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel as well as galvanized steel, which will suit your various requirements and budgets.These quality materials can protect the equipment against harsh weather conditions like rain, wind and sand storms.

As an Outdoor Electrical Telecom Enclosure Manufacturer in China, AZE has a wide range selection of outdoor electrical telecom enclosures 

  • Outdoor electrical telecom enclosure is designed to keep the enclosed equipment safe and dry regardless of how harsh the condition is. Our outdoor electrical enclosures are designed and manufactured to provide a degree of protection against rain, sleet, snow, ice, dirt, and dust. 
  • This enclosure is suitable in a remote location where enclosure can withstand the toughest and wind and weather conditions, even unattended for a longer period of time. From humidity, temperature fluctuations, sunlight, to extreme conditions like seawater resistance or earthquake resistance through vandalism protection, these electrical enclosures can resist it all.
  • Outdoor electrical telecom enclosure mostly suitable in various applications such as public work, traffic, security cabinets, control and instruments, telecommunication, electrical substation, windfarms and solar farms, and many more.

With more than 10 years design and manufacturing experience, AZE's outdoor electrical telecom enclosure manufacturing capacity can support you to boom the business.Our outdoor electrical telecom enclosure come with an IP rating which tells you roughly which conditions they are designed,the outdoor electrical enclosures are constructed to meet the NEMA Standard types 3 and 4, thus, those enclosure could be protecting the contents inside from the environmental elements such as chemical, water, and dust.

  • What is the purpose of a outdoor telecom enclosure?

The outdoor telecom enclosures, which are also referred to as telecommunications cabinets, are fully enclosed cabinets that help protect electrical cabling and other equipment from potentially damaging environments. Such damage can be caused by dust, rain, ice, and external heat.

  • What do you need to know about outdoor telecom enclosures?

Designed for the telecommunication industry, our enclosures can be deployed in harsh outdoor environments both rural or residential.Don't forget about the panel layout and design and the need for environmental conditioning (cooling and heating). For electronics to survive in an outdoor enclosure, they typically require climate control.

  • What are the dangers of terminating telecommunications equipment outdoors?

One of the biggest challenges of terminating your telecommunications equipment outdoors is finding outdoor enclosures that will be able to properly withstand the elements. Temperature, moisture, ice, shock hazards, and UV damage are all potential dangers to consider before purchasing an outdoor enclosure or cabinet.

  • Why do you need to purchase a Outdoor Telecom Cabinet?

Outdoor Telecom cabinets are the ideal way of storing and protecting equipment at remote sites. These outdoor telecom equipment cabinets come in different styles and sizes, but all have the same general purpose: to protect valuable equipment from natural elements and vandalism

  • Which is the best outdoor telecom electrical enclosure in China?

As a premier outdoor electrical enclosure manufacturer in China, AZE has provided telecommunication enclosure for over 10 years, keep developing an innovative range of telecom enclosure products for various applications.

As a leading manufacturer of outdoor electrical metal enclosure ,outdoor telecom enclosure and weatherproof telecom enclosure , AZE can support you to customize the outdoor electrical enclosure box to fulfill your specific needs in terms of shape, size, color, finish and cost valuable. In additional, AZE also offer cooling solution such as enclosure air conditioners, heat exchanger,TEC, cooling fans and power options. Further, the material, type of paint and design of all accessories on the enclosure could be customized. Our well-trained professional engineers will help you with all the details appropriate to your specific needs where your metal telecom enclosure have to be installed. 

Our custom-made NEMA 3R & 4X telecom cabinets and enclosures will protect your valuable equipment from the elements without sacrificing performance, our broad portfolio features aesthetically-pleasing cabinets for power and battery​, battery backup, macro cell site and micro cell site use.