Power Distribution(PDUs),Power Your IT
Power Distribution(PDUs) play a very important role for IT equipment from network closets to data centers,AZE offers a wide range of rackmount horizontal PDUs or 0U vertical PDUs, as well as network grade intelligent PDUs for networking and edge applications remotely.

As the power distribution(PDUs) manufacturer, AZE can make custom PDU based on client's requirements.

Basic Rack PDU
Metered Rack PDU
Outlet Metered & Switched PDU




1U metered by outlet with switching rack PDU, 230V/16A, (8) C13 outlets

Individual outlet power metering,remote power on/off or sequencing per each outlet


1U metered and switched rack PDU, 120V/20A, (8) NEMA 5-20R outlets

Individual outlet power metering,remote power on/off or sequencing per each outlet


Rack PDU 2G, Metered by Outlet with Switching, ZeroU, 32A, 230V, (24) C19

Individual outlet power metering,remote power on/off or sequencing per each outlet


Data Center Intelligent Switched and Monitored Power Distribution PDU

Individual outlet power metering,remote power on/off or sequencing per each outlet


380V/480V 3 Phase 125A Smart Mining Metered and Switched PDU,(24) C19 Outlet

Individual outlet power metering,remote power on/off or sequencing per each outlet


Rack PDU 2G, Metered by Outlet with Switching, ZeroU, 32A, 230V, (9) C13 & (3) C19

Individual outlet power metering,remote power on/off or sequencing per each outlet


Metered by outlet with switching rack PDU,Three Phase,400V/32A, (8) C13 outlets

Individual outlet power metering,remote power on/off or sequencing per each outlet


Metered-by-outlet Switching Rack PDU,3 Phase,(21) C19 & (3) C19

Individual outlet power metering,remote power on/off or sequencing per each outlet


As the professional power distribution(PDUs) manufacturer, AZE has mechnical, electrical and software R&D team, from customer requirement to product realization, our team can manage the process. According to server rack PDU function level, we can supply 3 levels, you can find the right rack PDU for your IT needs.

Basic PDUs have 0U, 1U and 2U form factors and a variety of output receptacle choices for reliable, cost-effective power distribution and branch circuit protection for all connected equipment in your server racks. Basic PDU models feature Eaton's patented IEC outlet grip plug retention to prevent accidental equipment disconnects, color-coded outlet sections for quick visual identification, a low-profile form factor and a high operating temperature threshold.

Metered Input rack PDUs give you remote monitoring capabilities and provide access to your power data whenever you want it, wherever you are. You also can monitor your critical equipment within each color-coded outlet section from a single interface and achieve 1% billing grade accuracy. With all of the features of the Basic PDU, 0U, 1U and 2U Metered Input rackmount PDUs provide you with the ability to reduce infrastructure costs by daisy-chaining up to eight metered PDUs to share the same network connection and single IP address. The Metered Input PDU also simplifies load balancing and helps prevent overloads.

The outlet metered, outlet switched PDU can allow you to monitor and control critical factors such as voltage, current and power factor. This information at the outlet receptacle level allows you to make the right decision when it comes to energy consumption in your data center

As a leading PDU manufacturer, AZE can help you in the decision making process when it comes to your individual power needs, from 0U, 1U, and 2U PDUs to 42U power distribution units, our vertical PDUs and horizontal PDUs covering different outlet types and form factors, in both single phase and 3 phase, to fit your specific application.

  • Which type of PDU is right for me?

To find the right model for your needs, ask yourself the following six questions.

1. Where will I install it?
2. What kind of input power do I have?
3. How much power does my equipment need?
4. How many outlets do my devices need?
5. What kinds of plugs do my devices have?
6. Do I need other features?

  • Do I need other features?

A basic PDU shares a single power source with multiple devices. It simplifies the management of rack equipment and makes a valuable addition to any IT installation. Advanced models do much more, from measuring demand to protecting against downtime to allowing remote control through software.

Checking basic, metered,monitored,switched, swithced metered-by-outlet,ATS,etc to select the right PDU for your needs. 

Each power distribution unit manages and controls power in different ways- AZE understand that the PDU that you choose is driven by the computing needs of the industry that you live in, and sometimes you may need a custom PDU solution. You can configure your own PDU in four easy steps: choose your PDU type, select the power options, the plug and outlets configuration,then our team can proceed the design of your PDU.

For each power distribution unit, we will follow below design and manufacturing process:

  • Understand customer needs   

          We need to get clearly understand what kind of PDU the customer required- Basic PDUs,Metered PDUs, Switched PDU or Smart PDUs, which type of outlets,which kind of necessary function or protection modules,input power or output power,etc.

  • CAD Modelling     

          The engineer will make CAD drawing to layout PDU needs to show customer, which can keep Customer Needs and AZE Understanding are matched correctly.This is a critical process for manufacturing the right PDU

  • Golden Sample or First Article Prototyping 

          After customer approval of design, we will go to next important process: how to make a quality power distribution units(PDUs)? We have 2 type of PDU structure: high-grade ally aluminum or galvanized metal steel material, of cource, their manufacturing process are different.

         For the ally aluminum power distribution units(PDUs), we can cut from 1U,1.5U or 2U profile with 2 meters into desired PDU lengths, then wiring each sockets together, adding the function modules, protection modules, connecting the power cords with different regions plugs,mounting brackets, then the PDU is finished.

          For the galvanized metal steel power distribution units(PDUs), it is a bit complex than ally aluminum PDUs,it need to follow more steps to make one PDU. The neccessary manufacturing process will be blanking the PDU case components, bending the parts, riveting the PEM nuts,powder coating, assemblying the outlets,wiring electrical components,connecting the power cords and install mounting brackets.

  • Fuction or Electrical Testing

       No matter which type of power distribution units(PDUs), they will be performed dimensional measurement, electrical power on testing,function testing, withstand voltage testing. Smart PDU will do more strictly testing compared with basic rack PDU.

  • Mass Production Released  

       When customer tested and approved the golden sample, we can release the bulk order production.

A power distribution unit is a device for controlling electrical power in a data center. The most basic PDU is a large power strip without surge protection. It is designed to provide standard electrical outlets for data center equipment and has no monitoring or remote access capabilities.Before you choose the right PDU, you also need to know more knowledges:

  • What is rack PDU?

A rack Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is a device that can be fitted with multiple outlets to effectively control and distribute electricity. The two main types of rack PDUs can be classified as either non-intelligent PDUs or intelligent PDUs.

  • What is PDU in data center?

By the strictest of definitions, a data center PDU is a power distribution unit designed for the data center market.It is true, the term Data Center PDU, particularly its capitalized format, has become synonymous with 'rack PDU' or 'rack power strip. ' It's the device into which IT equipment eventually gets plugged

  • Is a PDU the same as a UPS?

PDUs evenly distribute the amperage among the outlets, while the UPS will filter the power and provide surge protection. PDUs use and distribute the available amperage more efficiently, allowing your equipment to receive the best available power to maintain operation.

  • What is single phase PDU?

Single-phase power systems distribute up to 120V or 220V of alternating current. This current is distributed over two wires: A single, active conductor and a neutralone

  • What is a 3 phase PDU?

3 Phase power is used in data centers to support high density IT applications and minimize the cost of the cables delivering that power.

  • What is an intelligent rack PDU?

Intelligent rack PDUs deliver technologies which enables a smarter IT infrastructure so you can stay ahead of problems before they occur.

Our power distribution units(PDUs) are widely used in commercial ,data centers, crypto mining,industrial,factory, edge computing, 5G, telecom industries.Explore our range of rackmount power distribution units for everything from individual outlet control, temperature and humidity monitoring, input current monitoring, branch circuit protection, and more