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Designed for the telecommunication industry, our outdoor cabinet and enclosures can be deployed in harsh outdoor environments both rural or residential. AZE is an OEM NEMA type or IP rated Outdoor Enclosure Manufacturer, our products are designed for Harsh Outdoor Environments,AZE provides a large variety of standard sizes from 16″ to 90″ high and from 25″ to 42″ deep with adjustable and reversible EIA 19″ or 23″ racking rails, front and rear doors and 3 point, pad locking handles.

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12U 600mm Wide x 600mm Deep IP65 Wall Mount Outdoor Cabinet

Standard outdoor wall mount rack enclosure for industry waterproof applications


27U NEMA 4 NEMA 4X Integrated Outdoor Server Cabinet Stainless Aluminum Enclosure

Integrated Outdoor enclosure with air conditioner for industry waterproof applications


IP55 Custom Waterproof Dustproof Outdoor Battery Enclosures Cabinets with Air Conditioner

Outdoor battery enclosure with air conditioner for industry waterproof applications


Outdoor Cabinet Heat Exchanger 150W/K

150W/K Enclosure Heat Exchanger | DC48V Powered


From indoor to outdoor environment, AZE have the right cabinet and enclosures for you,design and build your outdoor cabinet and enclosures,AZE can do it.

AZE's outdoor enclosures or outdoor cabinets are designed to protect your sensitive network equipment from harsh environments where equipment may be exposed to dust or water, the outdoor enclosures or outdoor cabinets features an IP55 to IP65 rating or NEMA 4 /NEMA 4X type, you can choose from floor standing or wall mount style based on your outdoor environment,all of our outdoor enclosures or outdoor cabinets or waterproof outdoor enclosure,large outdoor enclosure,NEMA outdoor enclosure are built to protect your expensive network equipment from exposure to the harsh environment such as dust or water.

As the 19 inch rack mount outdoor cabinet and enclosures manufacturer, we fabricate NEMA 3R, 4, 4X Enclosures, Outdoor Telecom Enclosures to withstand harsh environments, extreme weather and elements,they have integration of Air Conditioner's, Heaters, Fans, Batteries.Outdoor cabinets are becoming the alternative shelter solution for today’s complicated zoning requirements. So whether your installing a new shelter or adding room to your existing one, It’s ultimate solution.

AZE made NEMA 3R, 4, 4X heavy duty outdoor telecommunication enclosures with an experienced engineering, production and quality assurance team,who can ensure each manufacturing process be strictly followed/controlled to build the quality outdoor cabinet and enclosures.

  • Outdoor NEMA Enclosures Material 

         Our waterproof outdoor enclosure,large outdoor enclosure,NEMA outdoor enclosure was made of material options: cold rolled steel,stainless steel,galvanized steel, aluminum,etc, we can follow customer's requirements.

  • Weatherproof Outdoor Cabinets Design

           Different material will choose different design structure for the outdoor cabinet and enclosures,it will have the fully welded frame,part welded frame or non-welded frame structure,which can meet the loading support and cost needs.The range has the outdoor telecom cabinet,equipment outdoor enclosures,battery outdoor enclosures,waterproof outdoor enclosure,large outdoor enclosure,NEMA outdoor enclosure,they are also different designs for different purpose.

  • Outdoor Enclosures and Cabinet Fabrication

           Of all the manufacturing process, the welding is important for waterproof function, only quality welding can ensure outdoor cabinet and outdoor enclosures can keep water away and not pull into the cabinet.So this is the critical process that required skilled workers to apply.

  • IPx5 Rated Waterproof and Dustproof Testing

            Design structure and quality manufacturing,which can make the outdoor cabinet and enclosures possiliblity for waterproof and dustproof. When a new structure is designed, we will send sample to 3rd party lab to test IPx5 rated.Only pass the testing, we can use this structure for our cabinets. We also get one unit tested from the mass production order randamly to IP rating before shipping.

As the premier NEMA enclosure and outdoor cabinet manufacturer, AZE offers standard and custom enclosure solutions (waterproof outdoor enclosure,large outdoor enclosure,NEMA outdoor enclosure) for industrial markets around the globe. Our wide range of enclosures allows for more choices ,quick lead times, and our R&D team offers the ability to create custom designed cabinets to meet specific needs.

  • What is an IP55 server cabinet enclosure?

The protection IP55 is complete protection against harmful deposits of dust contact with live or moving parts inside the enclosure.Water projected by a nozzle against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect.

  • Which is better IP55 weatherproof outdoor cabinets or IP65 waterproof electrical telecom cabinets?

The protection level of IP55 is level 5, which represents wire protection (diameter greater than or equal to 1mm) and prevention of harmful dust accumulation. IP65 has a protection level of 6, which means completely preventing dust from entering.

  • What is the difference between IP55 outdoor rack cabinets  and IP65 protection grade waterproof outdoor telecom enclosures?

The difference between IP55 and IP65 for protection performance test is that the waterproof grade of both tests is Grade 5 and the dustproof grade is different.

The protection level of IP55 is level 5, which represents wire protection (diameter greater than or equal to 1mm) and prevention of harmful dust accumulation.  IP65 has a protection level of 6, which means completely preventing dust from entering.

  • What is a NEMA 4 outdoor enclosure?

Type 4: Weather tight (weatherproof) enclosures. Constructed for either indoor or outdoor use to provide a degree of protection against falling dirt, rain, sleet, snow, windblown dust, splashing water, and hose-directed water. Will be undamaged by the external formation of ice on the enclosure.

  • What is the difference between NEMA 4 weatherproof outdoor server rack cabinets and NEMA 4X outdoor telecom enclosures ?

Both ratings indicate a waterproof and dust-tight enclosure that provides excellent protection against airborne particulates, adverse weather conditions, and repeated hose-downs. However, a NEMA 4X enclosure has an additional feature that a NEMA 4 enclosure lacks: protection from corrosion

  • What is the difference between Nema type outdoor enclosures and IP rated outdoor rack cabinets?

IP ratings cover protection only against the ingress of water and solid objects while NEMA includes supplementary protection standards against corrosion resistance and atmospheric gasses (such as acetylene or gasoline). NEMA ratings also include distinctions between hazardous and non-hazardous environments.

  • How to Design Your Waterproof Outdoor Enclosure

Before you draw up your custom waterproof outdoor enclosure,large outdoor enclosure,NEMA outdoor enclosure, consider its purpose, location, and any environmental conditions it may need to withstand. Custom metal enclosures are often used to protect telecommunications equipment (like cables, switches, modems, routers, and wires). If located outdoors, your enclosure may need to safeguard your equipment from a variety of environmental factors, including moisture, submersion in water, corrosion, ice, and fire risk. By identifying potentially dangerous environmental hazards first, you can make sure to design an enclosure that effectively protects your specialized equipment.

If located indoors, you might consider foot traffic around the enclosure, space availability, organizational features, and aesthetics. When designing your own enclosure, you can choose from a variety of design options, such as doors, drawers, perforated panels, locks, hinges, handles, material, and much more. Consider the space you have available, your environment, and the equipment you intend to store before finalizing your design plans.

AZE offers outdoor enclosures in various dimensions and materials, they are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and be vandalism proof. An extensive accessory range enables adaptation of 19″ equipment.Our outdoor enclosures also integration-enabled, modularly expandable and packed with impressive features. They come in various IP ratings all the way to IP65. The outdoor cabinets can be produced by stainless-steel 304 or 316 for navy applications.

Innovative and practical line of outdoor enclosures for electronics of all kinds, including transportation electronics, machine controls, and network equipment. They are extremely durable, offer superb protection from the elements, are able to manage cooling in the most extreme conditions, and are highly flexible and efficient.

Outdoor telecom shelters address various communication housing needs, from quick set up time to weather protection.  Customer adapted shelter solutions serve a range of telecom applications from incoming AC to complete solutions for different sites in the network. From mobile shelters to transmission solutions, Vertiv (Emerson) offers an array of custom-configured shelters for various telecom applications.

Our heat exchangers are designed both for outdoor and indoor applications.

They comply with the NEMA and IP requirements. Our air-air heat exchangers are designed to meet all telecommunications specifications. The heat exchanger core transfers the heat from the internal circuit to the ambient circuit through an aluminum surface, so there is no direct contact or mix between internal and external air.

Outdoor cooling units are available from 100 W up to 3.5 KW. They are energy-efficient for ambient temperature up to +55°c.

Our cooling units are thoroughly tested against any ingress of foreign solid and liquid material that could potentially damage sensitive components. Protection ratings reach up to IP65 / NEMA12, 3, 3R, 4, 4X

Both internal and external mounted versions are available. The cooling function maintains a threshold by means of a sensor that constantly monitors the interior temperature of the cabinet. Depending on the heat load, the compressor and ambient air fan switch on and off; this ensures long life and minimizes component maintenance. The internal fan runs continuously to maintain air circulation and an evenly distributed temperature throughout the enclosure.

if you can’t find an enclosure that fits all of your design requirements, we will help you develop the perfect product for your application. We can modify any of our standard products or design and build a custom product that satisfies your engineering and design demands.