TEC Air Conditioner for outdoor enclosure cabinet- 200W Air Conditioner-DC powered

TEC Air Conditioner for outdoor enclosure cabinet- 200W Air Conditioner-DC powered

Model : RODTEC200W-48V

The peltier TEC air conditioner is designed for cooling indoor/outdoor cabinet in challenging indoor and outdoor environments. It utilizes the thermoelectric technology and is designed for 48V DC supply and can remove excess heat from electronic equipment such as batteries in small enclosures and is the good choice for battery compartment cooling.

  • DC48V power input
  • 200W cooling capacity (configured with heater for 350W heating)
  • Operates on the Peltier effect for cooling or heating
  • Energy saving
  • Compressor-free air conditioning for demanding indoor and outdoor applications
  • Low profile design allows for mounting vertically and horizontally on any enclosure to avoid interference with internal components
  • Applicable to the sealed, vibrating, and rotated occasions where compressor cannot work.

RODTEC200W-48V Features

Thermoelectric cooler is a kind of cooling equipment consists of Peltiel material. The inner sealed circuit is composed of the two different metal leads, X and Y. When it is on power, heat on cool end is transferred to hot end, which leads to the temperature drop at cool end and temperature rise at hot end. The switch between hot end and cool end can be completed by changing electrode.

Equipment demand for climate controlled enclosures increase as reliability and steady performance remain top priorities. Adaptability is key when choosing Thermoelectric Cooling (TEC) units. Being DC powered, they are suitable for both primary and backup cooling/heating duties. With a cooling capacity up to 100W, TEC’s pack a mighty punch in a low profiled compact design that can mount in the smallest of areas, unlike compressor based units, TEC’s can be mounted vertically or horizontally as the application requires. Add to this the reliability of the Peltier system that has no moving parts (the fans on the inside and outside are the only moving parts) and with a filter less design, it is easy to see why TEC’s are so popular.

Key Features  
IP (Ingress Protection) Rating IP55,NEMA 4,NEMA 4X
Power Option DC48V
Cooling Capacity 200W/680BTU

Includes: power cord(or regional power cords such as UK, EU,ANZ,etc),Installation guide and hardwares


Features & Benefits

Power option Compatibility with PDUs- basic rack PDU or intelligentrack PDU,provide the device powering or remotely metering,switching the outlet to control devices
Cooling option Provides 100W to 300W cooling capacity
Control option  RS485 for remote control
Monitor option  Compatibility with EMS to monitor the site environment such as temperature,humudity,door open/close status,alarm,etc.
Structure Design  
Mounting  Can be mounted on the door, side or top,easy integration with outdoor cabinet
Environment friendly RoHS compliant
IP Grade IP55 


Outdoor Model RODTEC200W-48V
Enclosure Protection  
IP (Ingress Protection) Rating IP55,NEMA 4,NEMA 4X
Color GREY RAL7035 or customize color
Material Galvanized sheet metal standard(Stainless steel optional)
Sound Level (dBA) 63
Mount method Door mounted
Dimension(WxDxH) 7.87inches x 7.29inches x 15.75inches /200mm x 185mm x 400mm
Weight(lbs./Kgs) 17.63lbs./8Kgs
Cooling Performance  
Cooling Capacity(Watts) 200
Heating Capacity(Watts) 350
Operating Temperature -4055℃/-104°F to 131°F
Electrial Data  
Rated Voltage -48VDC
Power ConsumptionWatts) 312
Rated Current(A) 6.5
Starting Current(A) From 1A to rated current
Approvals RoHS
Safety CE
Standard warranty 1 Year 

How to Order

Model Nominal Voltage Rated Current(A) Starting Current(A) Cooling Capacity(Watts) Heating Capacity(Watts) Power ConsumptionWatts) Sound Level(dBA) Mount Method Dimension(WxDxH)
RODTEC100W-48V -48VDC 2.83A From 1A to rated current 100 250 136 60 Door mounted 7.87inches x 7.29inches x 15.75inches /200mm x 185mm x 400mm
RODTEC200W-48V -48VDC 6.5A From 1A to rated current 200 350 312 63 Door mounted 7.87inches x 7.29inches x 15.75inches /200mm x 185mm x 400mm
RODTEC300W-48V -48VDC 9.58A From 1A to rated current 300 450 460 63 Door mounted 7.87inches x 7.29inches x 15.75inches /200mm x 185mm x 400mm



AC110V or 220V/DC48V, Cooling Capacity 300W-5000W
DC48V, Heat transfer 40W/K-260W/K
DC48V, Cooling capacity 100W-300W
AC110/220V or DC 48V 



The TEC air conditioner is designed to cool your electronic and electrical controls, telecommunications equipment, surveillance devices and many other electronics in variety of environments.

  • Wireless communication cabinet/Wireless outdoor cabinet /Telecommunications
  • Outdoor battery cabinet
  • Industry control cabinet
  • Outdoor hybrid base station/Renewable energy

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