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Manage multiple servers from a single location with Rack LCD Consoles, KVM switches and Ethernet Switches. AZE offers a wide selection of high-quality KVM Switches and KVM-related products. Access your systems more efficiently without the expense and clutter of extra keyboards, mice and monitors.

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1U 17inch Rack LCD KVM Console

VGA LCD KVM | 1U rack-mountable keyboard, mouse, and 17" LCD console


1U 8 Port Rackmount KVM Console- Integrated KVM Switch w/17inch LCD Monitor

VGA LCD KVM | Control up to 8 servers or KVM switches with 1U rack 17" LCD console


1U 16 Port Rackmount KVM Console- Integrated KVM Switch w/ 19inch LCD Monitor

VGA LCD KVM | Control up to 16 servers or KVM switches with 1U rack 19" LCD console


1U Rackmount 8 Port DVI KVM Console w/ 19inch LCD monitor

DVI LCD KVM | Control up to 8 servers or KVM switches with 1U rack 19" LCD console


8 Port HDMI 17inch LCD KVM Console

HDMI KVM Console | Control up to 8 servers or KVM switches with 1U rack 17" LCD console


1U Rackmount 4 Port 15.6inch FHD LCD KVM Console

VGA LCD KVM | Control up to 4 servers or KVM switches with 1U rack 15.6" LCD console


1U rackmount 16 port 18.5inch LCD KVM Console HD 1080p

FHD LCD KVM | Control your 16 servers or KVM switches from a centralized HD 18.5" KVM console


1U Rackmount 17inch LCD Console with Integrated 32 port IP KVM Switch(1-Local / 1-Remote Access)

Over IP KVM Console | Control 32 servers or KVM switches remotely over an IP network


A KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) switch is a hardware device that allows a user to control multiple computers from one or more sets of keyboards, video monitors, and mice.It allows the control of multiple computers from a single keyboard, monitor and mouse (KVM). The KVM switch then allows data centre personnel to connect to any server in the rack.

  • Occupies 1U of rack space

  • Full Size Keyboard

  • Integrated touchpad pointing device Integrated Trackball

  • Low power consumption

  • Slide rails

  • Multiplatform Support-Compatible with Windows, Sun, Unix and Linux

  • VGA, DVI, HDMI, and DP KVM adapter available 
  • Quick release tabs

  • On-Screen Display (OSD) adjustments

The Rack LCD Console with Integrated KVM Switch combines the functionality of Rack LCD Console and Analog KVM switches in one convenient package optimizing U space in the rack environment, eliminating cable clutter, and offering a value of two products functionality in one package.

1U Rack Console KVM is widely used in server rooms and control rooms in enterprises, universities, banks, subway stations, railway stations, airports, and the electricity industry, etc.With the Monitor KVM, you can manage a single system or multiple KVM-connected computers.

As the KVM console and KVM switch manufacturer, we are follow quality management system and procedures during all the process of production to ensure KVM function,quality to exceed your expected.

  • Raw Material Quality Control 

          Our incoming QC will inspect the raw material (spec,function, size ,appearance that should meet our requirement) when coming into our factory,only PASSED material can get into our production line.For some core material such as LCD screen, we purchase from leading brand in the industry to make sure good performance.

  • In-Process Quality Control

           All the assembly process will done in our non-dust and anti-static workshop, our QC guy will check the quality inspection on the assembly line and check the packaging list before packing them into the carton..

  • OQC and FQC 

           Our OQC responsible for outgoing quality control to do 100% full inspection to check the function, appearance and other details before packaging. FQC responsible for checking all the accessories and labels and then sealing the packing box.

  • Performance and Burn-in Testing

          100% full test to check the function appearance and 100% burn-in testing will be performed with each unit KVM switch and KVM console.

Our rack mount KVM Consoles and KVM Switches can connect to the desired server on demand without having to wheel around a crash cart from rack to rack.These consoles provide convenient, rack-mounted control options for single servers or the entire server room. KVM consoles include LCD display, keyboard, and trackpad, all sliding neatly into 1U of rack space.

KVM switches are popular devices in today’s data center and server room. What is a KVM switch? Why? If there are 20 servers in a room, how to control them at the same time in a “one-click” way? That’s what KVM switches can achieve in real applications.

  • What Is a KVM Switch?

KVM stands for keyboard, video and mouse. A KVM switch is a hardware device that enables users to control more than one computers from a single keyboard, video display monitor and mouse.By pressing a button on the KVM switch, the administrator can change control from one server to the other one easily.

  • What are the Common types of KVM Switches?

As the devices numbers deployed in data center or home, KVM switch also comes in different sizes and configurations. with 1U rack mount space, it has 4-port, 8-port, 16-port and 32-port KVM switches. In addition, modern devices have also added the ability to share other peripherals like USB devices and audio.

KVM Switch Type Definition
USB KVM Switch This type of switch manages the connections of keyboard and mouse through USB cables. And it also allows users to share USB peripherals like scanners among the connected computers. It’s plug-and-play switch.
HDMI KVM Switch It offers high resolution and used for connecting monitors that support HDMI, providing HD display connectivity for home theatre, professional presentation, etc.
VGA KVM Switch The switch supports a display port which is generally used as an internal connection replacing DVI and VGA. Supports multiple displays and accessing many devices.
KVM over IP Switches This switch is used for connectivity over Internet and LAN use, allowing users to control all CPU’s and servers from anywhere in the world.
  • Where KVM Switch Is Needed?

KVM switches are often found in data center applications due to numbers of devices or servers are needed to control. KVM switches are also widely used in LAN administration, labs, manufacturing operation, multiple computer desktops, etc.

  • What Is Necessary for Operating a KVM Switch?

That depends on the switch users have. In most cases, for a basic configuration, the following things are essential: KVM switch, enough cables connecting all devices such as computers, keyboard, monitor and mouse, and computers. More components may be required in more advanced systems.

  • How to Set up KVM Switch?

Here are the common steps to install a KVM switch:

  1. Turn off all of the computers and monitors that will be connected to the KVM switch.
  2. Connect the power adapter to the KVM switch.
  3. Connect the video cables from your monitors to the console port on the KVM switch, and turn on the monitor.
  4. Connect your keyboard and mouse to the console PS/2 or USB ports on the KVM switch.
  5. Connect the video cables from PC1 to the KVM switch.
  6. Connect the PS/2 or USB cables from PC1 to the PC1 PS/2 or USB ports on the KVM switch.
  7. Turn on PC1. You should see the computer load the operating system that you are using on PC1. and make sure that the mouse and keyboard can control PC1.
  8. Repeat the steps above to connect other computers to the KVM switch, and ensure the keyboard and mouse can control the computer connected.

Our KVM switches range from desktop models with options of VGA,DVIHDMI, CAT5 ports that simplify access to multiple machines to rack-mount KVM switches and consoles that enable management of the network servers.

  • What Is OSD?

OSD is short for On Screen Display. With OSD, administrators can know which computers are connected to the KVM switch and allow administrator to choose them without pushing the button on the KVM switch or using hot key switching

  • What Is Hot Key Switching?

Hot key switching enable administrators to switch between computers without pushing the button on the actual switch. It can be a combination of keys or hitting a button a couple of times. Each switch is different and usually the instructions can be found in the switch manual.

As the professional KVM Switch manufacturer, AZE offers a wide range of LCD KVM Switch solutions for your local or remote server management.It included: LCD KVM Console (has options of VGA,HDMI,DVI,Cat5 input connectors),KVM over IP Switches,Rack mount KVM Switches,CAT5 Matrix KVM Switches, Digital KVM over IP Switches, CAT5 KVM switches, Rack KVM Switches, Desktop KVM Switches and KVM extenders.