42U,45U,48U,52U Server Racks-Ideal design for your Data Center Needs
Server racks come in a variety of sizes and with the most common features to meet any mounting need, our server racks or server cabinets are lockable, limiting intentional or accidental tampering with your IT equipment.

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48U Server Rack Cabinet 800mm Wide x 1200mm Deep with Side Panels

Wide enclosure with cable management options for high density server and networking applications


48U Server Rack Enclosure 600mm x 1200mm w/ Sides Black

Standard rack enclosure for low to medium density server and networking applications.


42U Server Rack Enclosure 600mm x 1070mm w/ Sides Black

Standard rack enclosure for low to medium density server and networking applications.


48U Server Rack Enclosure 600mm x 1070mm w/ Sides Black

Standard rack enclosure for low to medium density server and networking applications.


AZE Server Cabinet Enclosure, 45U, White, 2124H x 800W x 1200D mm

The ultimate solution designed and engineered for demanding data center environments.


AZE Server Rack Enclosure, 45U, White, 2124H x 600W x 1200D mm

3000LB Loading Capacity | 48" Deep Data Center Server Cabinet


AZE Server Rack Enclosure, 42U, White, 1991H x 600W x 1200D mm

Easy installation, managing cables, integrating power distribution, and maximizing airflow


AZE Server Rack Enclosure, 48U, White, 2258H x 600W x 1070D mm

Securely store servers network and telecommunications equipment in this server network cabinet


45U Server Rack Cabinet 800mm Wide x 1070mm Deep with Side Panels

Wide enclosure with cable management options for high density server and networking applications


Server Racks are frame structures designed for mounting standard 19" rack-mount equipment-servers, routers, UPS systems, switches, audio/video-regardless of vendor. They provide rack equipment organization, security and cable management while enabling airflow.AZE provides a portfolio of server racks & cabinets that cater for your needs with a secure and complete infrastructure solution.

Server racks and cabinets play a critical role in the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the data center environment. The right rack will be easy to install, move and reconfigure, will simplify cabling and power distribution unit (PDU) management, and provide ready access to equipment. Such a rack will also optimize cooling within the data center.

While most data center racks are constructed based upon Electronics Industry Alliance (EIA) specifications, those standards apply only to the 19-inch mounting requirements of most servers and other equipment. The specifications do not address the wide variations among data centers and the complexities within each environment.  

Several factors should be considered in order to design a custom server rack that meets specific data center requirements. Optimizing the data center infrastructure around each of these factors can have a genuine and measurable impact on TCO:

  • Lower Real Estate Costs. Server racks with the correct width and depth dimensions will maximize data center floor space.
  • Reduced Risk. High-quality racks are well-constructed, with the ability to handle static and dynamic loads without buckling or losing structural integrity.
  • Operational Improvements. A solution that streamlines installation reduces costs and enables a faster time-to-value.
  • Greater Cooling Efficiency. Rack design plays a crucial role in maximizing airflow and controlling cooling costs. 
  • Efficient Cable Routing. Proper cable management improves airflow and the accessibility of equipment within the rack.
  • Improved Security. If rack-level security is required, door locks should be keyed alike to enhance the security without increasing operational overhead.

Because data centers are highly complex and dynamic, server racks and cabinets that complement the environment offer tremendous value. The data center should not have to conform to the specifications of a generic rack — the rack should precisely meet the customer’s requirements and enhance the IT environment.

Our IT server racks and cabinets come standard with many of the features today’s data centers demand. They are constructed of sheet steel for industry-leading static and dynamic load ratings and bond grounding to protect the IT devices. They are designed with perforated panel doors, dual side panel doors, split rear doors, and removable roof vent panels for maximum flexibility, airflow, and equipment access

Custom products tend to cost more than generic products due to economies of scale. However, that rule of thumb doesn’t apply to TCO in the data center. IT equipment installation, maintenance, and operational expenses far exceed the cost of the racks and cabinets

There are a significant number of variables that you need to be consider before investing in a server racks or data center racks or colocation server racks. Among of those items,server needs can change over time, so you will need to plan for what might be necessary in the future. 

Arguably, the most important metrics in server racks are U space, depth, width, weight capacity. Additionally, depending on the type of equipment, you will need to choose between a 2 post (teleco) or 4 post rack with an open or enclosed frame. 

Before you make a purchasing decision, you should consider:

  • How much U space do you I need?

U space, or rack units, are a standard by which height in racks and IT equipment is measured by. This metric is based off of 3 rack holes which add up to 1.75 inches. You need to be familiar with how much U space your equipment will take up in order to save money while making sure everything fits. If you end up with too much open space, you might need blanking panels to keep airflow contained. We carry server racks and server cabinets with U heights from 1U to 52U, meaning that there are plenty of options for the home, office or data center.

For the data center IT environment,AZE provides a wide range of server racks, from 42U server rack,45U server rack,48U server rack and 52U server racks, which can support you every needs.

  • What is 42U stand for?

The “U” in “42U” is stands for “rack units,” or “U-spaces,” which equal 1.75 inches

  • How much depth does my rack need?

Depth is just as important as U space because not having enough room means that you might be returning or reselling your rack. When considering necessary depth, you will need to not only find the dimensions for your current hardware, but any hardware that you might get in the future. For this range of server racks, AZE offers 1070mm Deep or 120mm Deep options.

  • What internal and external width do I need?

Most server chassis have a width of 19 or 23 inches in order to keep things consistent.check the width of your equipment to determine your internal width and your floor space for the external width.

  • What are the benefits of enclosed frame racks?

Server Racks that are protected from all four corners are called “enclosed frames.” These are available with locks one or two locks on the front, back or both. Because of the extra metal, enclosed frame racks are a bit more expensive and allow less airflow.

  • What accessories are available for my enclosed server rack?

AZE offers a comprehensive selection of rack components and accessories to mount equipment and manage cables and airflow: Airflow Management,Cable Management,Rack Shelves,Mounting Accessories.

  • Where to use them

The server racks are widely used at home, office,small business,medium business or edge computing,or large data center

  • Which type of racks

We have different range of server racks, server cabinets, data center racks, or colocation server racks which can meet to your IT needs.

Our helpful IT Pros are here to help you find the best server rack and cabinets, from standard 42u racks to a custom server solution that suits your environment and specifications

  • Where can I buy a good server rack?

AZE has been manufacturing high quality server racks and cabinets for over 10 years. Whether you need a single rack at home or hunreds units in a data center, you’ll find the best that money can buy right here www.azetelecom.

  • What is the difference between server and network rack?

Network cabinets or Network Racks are often confused for server cabinets. However, there is a difference. Network cabinets also generally do not have perforated enclosures. The type of equipment generally housed in network cabinets does not generate the same amount of heat as that housed inside a server rack.

If you need a custom solution, our engineers can design it to your specifications, and we can manufacture it for you. You’ll find that our prices are very reasonable and our turnaround times are fast. 

AZE's server racks are constructed of solid steel to provide some of the best load ratings in the industry. Our standard cabinet can be configured with a mounting kit and baying kit to meet current Zone 4 compliance in seismic areas. 

Engineered to make equipment installation simple and efficient, our cabinets feature dual side panels, split rear doors, and adjustable equipment rails with number labeling on both sides. Matching locks on doors and panels provide physical security that’s easy to manage. High-efficiency perforated doors allow for maximum airflow, while removable roof vent panels enable quick installation of chimneys or fan systems.

The right server racks make all the difference in your data center. Contact AZE for assistance with your next project

AZE can provide customize server racks or server cabinets for the special requirements.