AZE's server rack fans are designed for the needs of the IT department. They install quickly, configure easily and can even be managed over the network like any other IT resource.

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In an enclosed rack, hot air can get trapped in empty spaces and can have a direct impact on the thermal performance of your servers and other equipment. Fans help break up the hot spots and avoid throttling.

  • Will a fan make my equipment run faster? 

No, not directly. However many processors will limit their performance if they detect overheating. If you have a hot-spot in your rack it could cause a processor to overheat. 

If you have a hot spot, you will notice decreased performance. You can also identify hot spots by observing your rack with an infrared thermometer.

  • Which fan is right for my situation?

When it comes to server rack fans, there are lots of different options depending on how much U space you have available. Horizontal rack fans take up more vertical space than rack fantrays.Both types of fans are effective at moving air around your rack.

  • Where should a fan be placed on a rack?

All ventilation fan systems should contain an intake and an exhaust variable, which can be fans or ventilation holes. In an ideal set up, there should be a fan located near the top of the cabinet configured to exhaust out air, and a fan located near the bottom to push in air.