Rack PDU 2G, Metered, Single Phase,ZeroU, 32A, 230V, (36) C13 & (6) C19

Rack PDU 2G, Metered, Single Phase,ZeroU, 32A, 230V, (36) C13 & (6) C19

Model : RPMEV13-36C1306C19

The power distribution unit provides a rack mountable power solution to server cabinet or telecom cabinet or other electronic devices at an affordable price.Individual outlet level power metering provides a view of the power distributed to equipment within the enclosure and the ability to analyze component power trends to perform capacity planning.It provides active metering to enable energy optimization and circuit protection. User-defined alarm thresholds mitigate risk with real-time local and remote alerts to warn of potential circuit overloads

  • 1U rackmount
  • Single phase, IEC C13 and C19 outlet
  • Solid steel chassis for durability
  • Input power metering 

RPMEV13-36C1306C19 Features

Key Features  
Output Connections (36) IEC 60320 C13 + (6) IEC 60320 C19
Nominal Output Voltage 200V, 208V
Nominal Input Voltage 200V, 208V
Input Connections IEC 60309 32A 2P+E
Cord Length 10ft (3meters)

Includes: Installation guide, Rack mounting brackets,


Features & Benefits

Structure and Configuration  
Material  High-grade aluminum or SECC steel
Rack-mountable Includes horizontal, vertical and toolless-mount options,puts the power in the racks near the equipment.
Wide range of input and output connections It provides different region input or output connection to distribute 120V, 208V, or 230V power to multiple outlets-Australia,British,French,Germany,IEC C13,IEC C19,NEMA 5-15R ,NEMA 5-20R,etc
Availability Functions  
Alarm Thresholds Define alarm thresholds in order to avoid overloaded IT, providing network and visual alarms inform the user of possible problems.
Local Current Monitoring Display The aggregate current draw per power distribution unit is displayed on the unit via a digital display. The local digital display helps installers avoid overloaded circuits by providing a visible warning when the current draw is close to the maximum amperage draw of the PDU
Remote Management Capabilities Full-featured network management interfaces that provide standards-based management via Web, SNMP, and Command Line Interface. Allows users to access, configure, and manage units from remote locations to save valuable time. 


Color Black
Material Aluminum 
PDU Form Factor 0U Vertical
Input Voltage 230V
Maximum Input Current 32Amp
Plug Type IEC 60309 32A 2P+E
Input Phase Single Phase
Input Cord Length 10ft.
Output Receptacles (36) IEC 60320 C13+(6) IEC 60320 C19
Output Nominal Voltage 200V~230V
Function  Input metered
Operating Temperature 0°C to 550°C (32°F to 131°F)
Storage Temperature -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
Approvals RoHS
Safety CE
Standard warranty 1 Year 

How to Order



The PDU provides reliable power distribution from a UPS system, generator, or utility source to electronic equipment, servers, and network/telecom devices

  • Network closet
  • Data center
  • Industrial environments
  • KVM console

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