Outdoor Cabinet and Enclosures

AZE's outdoor enclosures are designed for protecting equipment outside, with a range of versatile, cost effective outdoor IP rated outdoor cabinets for a wide range of telecommunications, electronics and UPS applications.

Which type IP rated outdoor cabinet or NEMA type outdoor enclosures is best for you?

AZE offers a large line of secure, weather-tight outdoor cabinets, designed to house and protect a wide range of electronic equipment

Before choosing the right needs outdoor cabinet or outdoor enclosures,you should consider some items cabinet dimension, IP rating(IP20,IP30,IP44,IP55,IP65) or NEMA12,NEMA 3,NEMA 4,NEMA 4X. Additionally, depending on the type of equipment you would install,then we can choose the different design to meet your requirements.

AZE's outdoor telecom enclosure protects your telecommunications equipment outdoors and will be able to properly withstand outdoor elements such as temperature, extremes, dust ingress, ice, shock hazards, and UV damage.Other dynamic factors include moisture, condensation, chemicals, and corrosive gases that can affect sensitive components within.For that reason, our enclosures can be deployed in the harshest outdoor environments both rural or residential.

Our telecom outdoor cabinets are factory tested, field proven, and worry-free. They feature double-wall construction and a tight seal to safeguard your equipment from moisture and the harshest conditions of your environment. Thus, an outdoor telecom cabinet comes with accessories such as enclosure fans, and power options.

Our outdoor telecom enclosures are manufactured with the highest quality standards under ISO 9001:2005 manufacturing & quality management system.Our outdoor telecom enclosure is made of stainless steel (including 304 stainless steel as well as 316 stainless steel), galvanized steel, and carbon steel that made it sturdy and reliable.At AZE, we provide a large selection of outdoor telecom enclosures sizes, types, shapes. We can help size the right enclosure for your site. With outdoor telecom enclosure variety, AZE can produce a weatherproof and durable enclosure that could perfectly be fitted to your enclosure project and solution.

One of the biggest challenges of terminating your telecommunications equipment outdoors is finding outdoor enclosures that will be able to properly withstand the elements. Temperature, moisture, ice, shock hazards, and UV damage are all potential dangers to consider before purchasing an outdoor enclosure or cabinet.

Equipped Standard sized or Custom Cabinet modules. We offer an extensive range of products including telecom outdoor cabinet, telecom indoor cabinet, residential and commercial enclosure, electronic enclosures, electrical enclosure, industrial automation enclosure, and hybrid battery enclosures.

If you have questions, contact AZE to assist you further with your needs or custom your racks.