NEMA or IP55 Rated Outdoor Battery Cabinet Manufacturer In China

Oct 03 , 2021

Outdoor battery enclosures keep your batteries safe from weather and safe against theft. The battery enclosure maintains consistent temperatures and meets standard requirements. Our battery enclosure also features locking mechanisms that protect unauthorized people against possible electrical dangers if they happen to be tampering with your equipment.

As a leading manufacturer in China, we design and produce outdoor battery cabinets with different materials,you can choose the material based on your applications or needs:

Stainless Steel Outdoor Battery Cabinet –  AZE can fabricate outdoor battery cabinets from different variants of steel, such as SUS304,SUS316. It has specific characteristics, corrosion-resistant and durable.

Aluminium Outdoor Battery Cabinet – This type of material that is affordable and versatile. It also offers ventilation and heat reduction features perfect for fabricating outdoor batter cabinets.

Galvanized Steel Outdoor Battery Cabinet – Due to its extended durability and strength, galvanized steel is popular in creating outdoor battery cabinets. This versatility makes it suitable for a variety of projects and industries.

AZE's outdoor electrical enclosures come with an IP rating which tells you roughly what conditions they are designed for, at the same time outdoor electrical enclosures are constructed to meet the types 3 and 4 NEMA standards.

  • IP55 Outdoor Battery Cabinet  IP55 Outdoor Battery Cabinet is made of sturdy construction. It is also high quality that is designed to provide maximum output. 
  • Galvanized Steel Outdoor Battery Cabinet  Galvanized Steel Outdoor Battery Cabinet has high authenticity and maintenance-free. It is also quickly assembled and suitable for the wild environment.
  • Waterproof Outdoor Battery Cabinet  Waterproof Outdoor Battery Cabinet features well thermic design, cost-effective energy-saving and efficiently extending the battery longevity. It also has a powerful environment monitoring system, adequate alarm signal detection and real-time alarm data reported.
  • Waterproof IP55 Outdoor Battery Cabinet  Waterproof IP55 Outdoor Battery Cabinet is produced to give a safe and clean environment for equipment in rigid or outdoor environments. It also includes telecommunication installations, the protection of data and control equipment.
  • Telecom Outdoor Battery Cabinet  Telecom Outdoor Battery Cabinet features high integration, short assembly period and reduces construction cost. It also supports fast installation, set for the summit and multi-scene roof establishment.
  • IP55 Metal Electrical Outdoor Battery Cabinet  IP55 Metal Electrical Outdoor Battery Cabinet has a high assurance standard battery cabinet specialized for the outdoor base station power supply buildings. It also has a high strength grade battery cabinet and advanced temperature control design guarantees reliable service.
  • Waterproof and Dustproof Outdoor Battery Cabinet Waterproof and Dustproof Outdoor Battery Cabinet is mainly composed of outside cabinets, inner sheet metal parts, modern air conditioners,  switching power supplies, power distribution systems and backup batteries. It is waterproof, dustproof, and anti-corrosive.
  • Stainless Steel Storage Outdoor Battery Cabinet  Stainless Steel Storage Outdoor Battery Cabinet is in great condition and has a hoop for a lock to restrict the opening of the handle. It was basically used by the rail industry for its electrical elements outside.

Our battery enclosures can be pole-mounted or ground-mounted and are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. AZE battery enclosure is available in various sizes and configurations for housing batteries and support equipment, engineered specifically for the PV industry but also suitable in a wide variety of applications.

Outdoor Battery Cabinet Production

As a reputable provider, we control and supervise the whole process of outdoor battery cabinets production. You can trust AZE in all aspects of production from:

  • Material sourcing and inspection
  • Product sample and testing
  • Shipment inspection
  • Establishes traceable documents
  • Product identification

 AZE can support you from material sourcing, R&D, designing, manufacturing and delivery.

 Outdoor Battery Cabinet Features

  • Manufactured using top-notched raw material.
  • Fully welded design
  • Sturdy construction for strength and durability.
  • High load-bearing capacity.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Enhanced service life.
  • Modular configuration.
  • Large housing capability.
  • Attractive finish and style.
  • Long life and corrosion resistance.
  • Highest reliability, efficiency.
  • Customized color coatings.

We can OEM & ODM Outdoor Battery Cabinet for Various Industry

  • Energy or Power Industry Outdoor Battery Cabinet  The outdoor battery cabinet used for energy or power industry are made from finest material to ensure better durability. It is strong enough to protect items inside. It is very reliable and sturdy,we can customized this product according to your needs.
  • IT Applications Outdoor Battery Cabinet  Find the best outdoor battery cabinets for IT applications from AZE, they are built with IP55 or NEMA 4 /NEMA 4X protection perfect for outdoor applications. It is easy to install and maintain cabinets. You can choose whether wall-mount or freestanding mounting outdoor battery cabinets options.
  • Telecommunication Outdoor Battery Cabinet  AZE manufactureS outdoor battery cabinet for infrastructure and telecommunication projects. This product can accommodate the battery system, radio access network, power distribution, power core, telecom/Industrial equipment, etc.
  • Solar Power Outdoor Battery Cabinet  Solar power outdoor battery cabinets meet the market needs and customers’ requirements. It has a unique design and versatile construction. It undergoes strict testing in anti-theft performance and is designed from flame-retardant components.

AZE battery enclosures are engineered to resist crash and intrusion and to cool individual modules using innovative materials, design, and joining technologies. The battery enclosure design is according to the specific applications and requirements of your project. All enclosures include rainproof design, electrical knockouts, and ventilation. The product features and functions differ depending on the location and needs of your system. AZE white powder coating and quality manufacturing ensure a robust enclosure that will survive even the harshest conditions.

AZE provides a large variety of outdoor electrical enclosure that comes in different shapes and sizes, making them suitable for use in different industries.

As a leading manufacturer of all kinds of electrical enclosures, AZE was able to customize any outdoor electrical enclosure box to fulfill your specific needs in terms of shape, size, color, finish, and inexpensive.Our well-trained professional engineers will help you with all the details appropriate to your specific needs where your enclosure has to be installed.Whether you need a small number or a huge quantity of outdoor electrical enclosures, our team will always be ready to help you through the procedure of your enclosure, so you could get it with your expectations.

A battery enclosure is a box designed to protect a battery from outside factors like weather conditions.If you need something for energy storage and battery storage, these are for you.

Outdoor Electrical enclosures are useful for a variety of fields involving electrical equipment that must be protected. Within these applications, our electrical enclosure products may protect equipment like circuit breakers, telephone cabinets, pressurization and purging equipment, and distribution boards and panelboards. Because each industry has different needs, our engineering team will work with you to design a custom cabinet for your equipment.

If you need a weatherproof electrical enclosure, AZE can provide you with a solution.Get in touch with us through our contact form to order your industrial enclosures or learn more about our products.

Looking for NEMA Type outdoor battery enclosures?

Outdoor Server Cabinet    Wall Mount Outdoor Cabinet      Outdoor Telecom Enclosure    Outdoor Battery Enclosure 

From data center to outdoor telecom infrastructure products, AZE has the right product for you. AZE designs and manufactures Server Racks and Enclosures, Outdoor Telecom Cabinets and Electronic Enclosures, Power Distribution (Basic Rack PDUs and Smart PDUs), KVM Switches and Fiber optics products to globe customers in the market.

Make IT Connected, AZE can support you to make IT happen with affordable cost.

Contact AZE  to customize your IP rated outdoor enclosures.

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