Racks and Enclosures

A server rack is a rack specifically designed to hold and organize IT equipment. Our server racks fits to EIA standard, which are compatible with all leading OEM servers and equipment, such as Cisco,Dell, HP and IBM. For cost valuable, 2 post or 4 post open frame racks will be good option and can allow for more airflow and space while enclosed racks enhance security.

Which type 19 inch server rack or network server cabinet is best for you?

Before choosing the best server rack for your need is an important decision and an important investment, there are some items for the server racks need to be consideration: U space, depth, width, weight capacity. Additionally, depending on the type of equipment, you will need to choose between a 2 post open frame rack (teleco) or 4 post open server rack with an open or enclosed frame. Understanding the difference between the server racks available can make the choice a little bit easier.

AZE offers a complete line of open frame racks and cabinets that support all applications, from single-rack or cabinet applications (such as retail and telecom closets) to high-density, multi-rack/multi-cabinet patching and switching fields (in computer rooms, data centers and central offices).

Cabinet Racks, Communications Racks, 19-inch Server Racks are ideal for housing data centers, telecom equipment and instruments.

Made from welded steel or aluminum, and coming in different sizes and styles, our selection of racks and cabinets will help protect and simplify integration of your project. Designed for maximum airflow and easy installation, our racks and cabinets help your equipment run reliably for their full service life. Choose from a wide selection of optional accessories, such as ventilated and glass doors, fan trays, cable management, shelves, and casters. From our cabinet racks and open relay racks, to our communications racks and server racks, many of our racks and cabinets come fully loaded for less than other suppliers charge for a basic rack and cabinet. Look through our full selection racks and cabinets!

The choice of a specific model depends on load, accessibility cosmetic and configuration requirements, and any applicable standards.

Floor-mount enclosed rack cabinets are among the largest enclosures used in electronic applications, and are offered in many styles and with a wide range of accessories. Cabinet racks are available with a 19, 23, or 24-in.-wide panel space.

An enclosed cabinet for electronics t is a good choice where rack-mountable equipment needs to be housed safely and securely. An enclosed rack offers a controllable environment for equipment cooling. Ventilated panels and various types of fan trays and arrays are available to manage airflow, which has become increasingly critical as the power demands of some types of systems escalate. Many enclosed electronics cabinet designs accept lockable accessory front and rear doors to provide equipment security, or transparent doors to permit equipment monitoring.

Server racks and co-location racks are ideal for applications requiring maximum ventilation and air flow. Server racks are similar to cabinet racks, except that side panels and doors are heavily ventilated. A locking, solid metal or transparent front door may be used for protection and security. Extra cabinet depth permits mounting of deeper instruments or equipment.

Co-location racks resemble server racks that have been divided up into individual compartments. Individual sections are designed to be fully independent and secure, and are available in heights ranging from approximately 24 to 39 in. Typically, each section has its own door. Side panels may be one-piece units that extend the full height of the cabinet rack assembly.

Seismic racks offer the maximum level of seismic protection for equipment to be operated under conditions of shock or vibration. Seismic cabinets are rated according to Telcordia (formerly Bellcore) #63-GR-CORE standards, with Zone 4 representing the most demanding requirements.

The rated weight carrying capacity of a cabinet is normally based on a uniformly distributed load. If your cabinet will be used in a shock or mobile environment (i.e. aboard trucks or ships), testing under the actual or simulated load conditions may be necessary.

Seismic cabinets should be anchored to the floor with a suitable anchor kit.

For more information on selecting the right cabinet or rack for your application, contact AZE to assist you further with your needs or custom your racks.