Cable Management Accessories to Get Cables Managed

Sep 13 , 2021

Whether it’s a network closet, a server room or a data center, it is essential to install a well-organized cable and network equipment to manage the messy cables and wires. A effective cable management system enables the cable operators and network administrators to manage things in the right way. A wide array of cable management accessories are available in the market these days. They are an excellent way to clear up all the mess of wires spread in homes and workplaces. So cable management plays an important role in the networking system. Organizing and managing the tremendous amount of cables might impact the reliability, efficiency and adaptability of the overall networking system.

Cable Ties

Cable tie is also known as zip tie, tie wrap and wire tie, which is designed to secure wire bundles and harness components quickly. It is a type of fastener for holding items together, primarily fiber optic cables and copper cables (or wires). Cable ties are cheap and simple components used in cable confinement system. Cable ties are available in a variety of sizes and materials for use on different applications with different requirements

Cable Lacing Bars

Horizontal cable lacing bars are also called lacer bars or strain relief bars. They are usually used to mount to standard EIA 19" racks, reducing strain on horizontal cables connected to a patch panel or device.

Cable Manager & Wire Cable Duct

Cable manager and wire ducts are ideal for every situation in which wiring is subject to flexion or torsion. They are designed with circular knockouts in the sides to facilitate branch connections using rigid and corrugated conduits. 

Cable Management D-Rings

Vertical cable management rings provide you with a cost-effective solution which allow you to neatly and effectively organize and route cable bundles along racks and wall. Providing strain relief for attached cables, vertical rings can be attached to your rack where you need them for a versatile cable management solution.

Rack and Cabinet Shelves

The network cabinet shelf is divided into fixed shelf and sliding shelf. It offers a simple way to effectively organize mission critical computer hardware in your server racks and cabinets.

In high-capacity networks, cable management and protection are essential. Choosing the right cable-management system to route and protect cable is a critical first step in ensuring long-term network performance. The above mentioned are several common methods of cable management.

Looking for Cable Management Accessories?

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