How to manufacture a quality outdoor enclosure

Aug 05 , 2021

AZE specializes in manufaturing outdoor enclosures and also providing customized outdoor cabinets,include but are not limited to custom patterns, cutout, color matching, sizing, assembly. Productions are subjected to rigorous quality checks before shipping.

The outdoor electrical enclosure with a ventilation system, protects electronic switches, fuse, cables, or switch gears from overheating, increasing the service lifespan.We can powder coat your enclosure in any color of your choice. The custom NEMA electrical enclosure may feature key insert lock, standard locks, cam locks, tamper-resistant latch kits, door interlock, or surface mounting options. Thus, these enclosure comes with different hinges upon request such as adjustable, spring-loaded, pin on, offset, continuous or concealed hinges. Furthermore, our wide range of functional accessories, adds extra protection and functionality to your enclosures.

At our factory ,we have simplified the process of making your custom electrical enclosure – OEM or ODM. Our team can work with you to design a custom electrical enclosure to your satisfaction, starting from concept design, CAD drawing, choosing the high-quality material, and quality inspection.

  • IP55 Outdoor Electrical Enclosure Laser Cutting

We have high performance laser cutting machine for fast order production, more accuracy ,smooth and  no scratching.

  • NEMA 4 , NEMA 4X Outdoor Electrical Enclosure Bending

Our skilled workers can bend the components within the tolerance, smooth surface without bending marks.

  • Weaterproof or Waterproof Electrical Enclosure Welding

Our skilled workers can use multi-Functioning flexible welding equipment to weld steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum cabinet, high accuracy, no deformation.

  • Weatherproof Outdoor Cabinet Polishing

After welding the cabinets, the surface is not smooth, so the workers need to polish it to be smooth.

  • Outdoor Electrical Enclosure Foaming

Depends on the different cabinet waterproof feature, we use high speed and accuracy foaming machines to make foam gasket on the door or install the gasket on the edge of cabinet frame, which can make the cabinet waterproof.

  • Outdoor Steel Electrical Enclosure Assembly

Experienced workers assembly the cabinet with consisten quality for every outdoor enclosure.

AZE manufactures a wide range of IP rated enclosures. Some of our most popular products are the IP65 rated enclosures. They are moderately waterproof, shielding your electrical appliances from indoor and outdoor hazards. Specifically, KDM IP65 electrical enclosures guarantee protection against water jets. Plus, our IP65 enclosures are fully dust-tight.

We offer IP65 rated boxes and enclosures made with stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, You can choose from a wide range of designs, sizes, and dimensions to pick the right IP65 enclosure for your application. 

Looking for NEMA Type outdoor enclosures?

Outdoor Server Cabinet    Wall Mount Outdoor Cabinet      Outdoor Telecom Enclosure    Outdoor Battery Enclosure 

From data center to outdoor telecom infrastructure products, AZE has the right product for you. AZE designs and manufactures Server Racks and Enclosures, Outdoor Telecom Cabinets and Electronic Enclosures, Power Distribution (Basic Rack PDUs and Smart PDUs), KVM Switches and Fiber optics products to globe customers in the market.

Make IT Connected, AZE can support you to make IT happen with affordable cost.

Contact AZE  to customize your IP rated outdoor enclosures.

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