Cooling Solutions For Outdoor Telecom Cabinet

Aug 16 , 2021

As a professional supplier of climate control solutions, we can design and manufacture cooling solutions to meet each client’s different requirement and environment conditions.Our cooling solutions mainly includes the following types:

  • AC110V or AC220V Cabinet Compressor Air Conditioner
  • DC48V Compressor Air Conditioner
  • TEC Peltier Air Conditioner
  • Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger
  • Direct Ventilation

Those climate control solutions can be applied in the same cabinet to meet.

AC110V or AC220V Cabinet Compressor Air Conditioner

The air conditioner uses utility power input-AV110V or AC220V, allowing wide voltage range (±30%), with high energy efficiency ratio. The air conditioner controller has digital display temperature controller, with easy operation and straight display. The controller has 6 relay outputs, which respectively control internal circulation fans, external circulation fans, cooling compressor, heater, hydrogen exhaust fan and a reserve output way. The controller has fault detection and alarm function and can transmit fault alarm signals to monitoring center. The air conditioner integrated universal intelligent controller, supporting 7×24 hours continuous operation. The service life of the air conditioner is 8-10 years.


  • The intelligent controller with data collection function supports RS485 communication and can be connected with customers’ system.
  • 4 way DI inputs: can be programmed as passive digital input such as smoke, water, door, voltage difference, shock alarm, etc.
  • 6 way analog inputs: temperature and humidity, voltage, current, AC detection etc.
  • Can work together with telecom room air conditioner and set operating range.
  • Two way DO programmable output, as general alarm output or other parameters output.
  • Used for outdoor cabinet temperature control, energy saving and optimized efficiency.
  • Power-on self-start function.
  • LCD display function.
  • Storage: can store 200 equipment working information and 2000 history record data.
  • Two way temperature and humidity collection channels: collecting temperature and humidity of thermostatic cabinet and base station.
  • Regular hydrogen exhaust.
  • Heating output function.
  • Sensors, fans, compressor fault detection function.
  • Environment temperature and humidity, equipment fault alarm function.

DC48V Cabinet Compressor Air Conditioner

The DC Variable Frequency Air Conditioner, with low energy consumption, is suitable for outdoor environment with large temperature difference. It uses DC-48V(-45V~-60V) input, PWM centrifugal fan speed adjustment, and object unit temperature PID adjustment mode. The input power can be adjusted according to cooling capacity demand. Cabinet air condition is actively cooling with compressor, and it will remove the heat inside the cabinet to outside. It also can keep the dust and heat outside the cabinet, avoiding problems from using fan. The inside cabinet can be maintained at an ideal temperature (30℃) for electrical components which effectively guarantees the stability of the electronic equipment and improves the reliability of the whole system.


  • This series of products can be widely used for outdoor communication cabinets, battery cabinets, electric cabinets and industry control cabinets, etc.
  • Environmental friendly refrigerant: R134a system.
  • Digital temperature controller and high precision of temperature control.
  • Temperature dynamic adjustment, very low power consumption, specially designed for integrated cabinet.
  • Protection level is IP55, which can protect cabinet to avoid moisture, dust, water.
  • The air conditioner can be indoor or outdoor installed.

 TEC Peltier Air Conditioner

The TEC air conditioner consists of 6 parts: peltier module (including sealing and insulation material), cold end radiator, hot end radiator, cold end fan, hot end fan, monitoring module. When power supply is connected to the TEC, one side of the peltier conduct cooling, and the other side of the peltier conduct heating, the cool (heat) from which will diffuse to the surrounding environment through cold (hot) end radiators and fans. The cold end radiator and cod end fan constitute the inside circulation for cooling the cabinet internal environment, while the hot end radiator and hot end fan constitute outside circulation for heat radiation to the external environment.


  • Not include refrigerant like freon, environment-friendly.
  • Small size and light weight.
  • The same component can meet heating and cooling requirement, no need to add extra heating film.
  • Very sensitive to temperature (quick cooling and quick heating).
  • No working noise, no shake; can work at any angle and zero gravity.
  • All components are solid structure, high reliability.
  • No need to worry about refrigerant leakage, corrosive liquid leakage, easy for maintenance.
  • Service life: up to 200,000 hours.

Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger

Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger uses working fluid phase-change heat transfer principle to conduct passive cooling to cabinet equipment compartment. It makes full use of temperature difference between cabinet internal environment and external environment, effectively introduce the external cold air , fast move heat inside the station to the outer environment, to realize cabinet cooling.The energy efficiency ratio of the heat exchanger is above 8~9, with high efficiency and energy saving.


  • Distinctive energy saving control technology greatly reduces working energy consumption.
  • LCD control board provide easy installation and maintenance.
  • Perfect monitoring function, effective monitoring and management on heat exchanger operation.
  • Integrated design, easy for installation and maintenance.
  • Protection Level: IP55, anti- corrosion, long service life.
  • Using DC high efficiency fans, greatly reduce the product noise, and more environment friendly.
  • Good energy saving performance, short investment payback period.
  • Long service life: more than 10 years, easy maintenance and low cost.
  • Include RS485 remote monitoring interface, fault detection and alarm can be transmitted to monitoring center through controller.

When you need to protect your devices outside and cool your devices, you need to decide which type of cooling solution to use.

Looking for Cooling of Outdoor Telecom Cabinet?

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From data center to outdoor telecom infrastructure products, AZE has the right product for you. AZE designs and manufactures Server Racks and Enclosures, Outdoor Telecom Cabinets and Electronic Enclosures, Power Distribution (Basic Rack PDUs and Smart PDUs), KVM Switches and Fiber optics products to globe customers in the market.

Make IT Connected, AZE can support you to make IT happen with affordable cost.

Contact AZE  to customize your cooling solution for the outdoor telecom cabinet.

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