Server Rack PDU Buying Guide

Apr 28 , 2021

A power distribution unit (PDU) distributes reliable network power to multiple devices. It does not generate or condition power, but delivers AC power from an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), a generator, or utility power source to servers, networking hardware, telecom equipment, and other devices.

What is PDU in server rack?

A power distribution unit (PDU) is a device fitted with multiple outputs designed to distribute electric power, especially to racks of computers and networking equipment located within a data center. Data centers face challenges in power protection and management solutions.

What is PDU in data center?

By the strictest of definitions, a data center PDU is a power distribution unit designed for the data center market. ... It is true, the term Data Center PDU, particularly its capitalized format, has become synonymous with 'rack PDU' or 'rack power strip. ' It's the device into which IT equipment eventually gets plugged

How does a PDU work?

In its most basic form, a PDU does the same job as a power strip. It uses current from a single source, usually a wall outlet, to power multiple devices, such as computers, peripherals, and networking gear. ... PDUs are most often used in data centers, network closets, VoIP phone systems, and industrial environments.

What is single-phase PDU?

Single-phase power systems distribute up to 120V or 220V of alternating current. This current is distributed over two wires: A single, active conductor and a neutralone. The current changes size and direction at regular intervals.

What is a 3 phase PDU?

Nearly all power in the world today is generated as 3-Phase. It is the most efficient way to produce and distribute electricity. This allows for power to be phased on a per-outlet basis instead of a per-branch basis.

What is a smart PDU?

A smart PDU, also known as intelligent PDU, goes beyond distributing power to IT equipment within the data center. It is capable of monitoring, managing, and controlling power consumption to multiple devices.

Which type of PDU is right for me?

To find the right model for your needs, ask yourself the following six questions.

  • Where will I install it?
  • What kind of input power do I have?
  • How much power does my equipment need?
  • How many outlets do my devices need?
  • What kinds of plugs do my devices have?
  • Do I need other features?

Which type of rack PDU do AZE supply?

For standard power distribution, PDUs are for in-depth power management and monitoring. Below are the most common PDU types available on the market or AZE can supply to the customer.

Beside the rack PDU, AZE also supply server rack enclosure, outdoor telecom enclosures,which are required PDU for them.


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